Pharmacist Frank Chang Sing Pang is the respectable owner of Orange Grove Pharmacy here on Sint Maarten. 

“No matter where you stay on the island, whether you are here on a cruise just for a few hours, or on vacation, we will provide you with the best health advise and will be able to provide or match any medication needed”.

Frank Chang Sing Pang

Pharmacist / Owner

Frank Chang Sing Pang

International Prescriptions

We honor prescriptions from Canada and USA and Europe

Health Advise

We provide health advise and health assistance

Vitamins & Suppliments

Our pharmacy has a large assortment of products.

Nasly Chang Sing Pang

Kawieta Baboeram

Juliatrie Taroenodikromo

Deborah London

Head Secretary

Pharmacist Assistant

Pharmacist Assistant

Marketing Manager

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