Pharmacist Frank Chang Sing Pang is the respectable owner of Orange Grove Pharmacy here on Sint Maarten. 

“No matter where you stay on the island, whether you are here on a cruise just for a few hours, or on vacation, we will provide you with the best health advise and will be able to provide or match any medication needed”.

Frank Chang Sing Pang

Pharmacist / Owner

Frank Chang Sing Pang

International Prescriptions

We honor prescriptions from Canada and USA and Europe

Health Advise

We provide health advise and health assistance

Vitamins & Suppliments

Our pharmacy has a large assortment of products.

Nazly Chang Sing Pang

Head Secretary

Kawieta Baboeram

Pharmacist Assistant

Juliatrie Taroenodikromo

Pharmacist Assistant

Deborah London

Marketing Manager

Sharita Curcut

Joey de Miranda

Pharmacist Assistant

Relations Manager

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